How does the autoblock feature work?

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As part of the service-based consent policy we also enabled the so-called autoblocking feature. This will allow to block data transfers from scripts configured under the "Scripts" tab in your cookie first portal.


The function can be used in conjunction with other types of script management enabled when using granular consent mode. 

How can I enable autoblock for a script?

For the autoblocking feature to work you need to make sure the cookie first embed script is placed as high as possible in the <head> section of your website otherwise transfer of data starts before our script can block it. 

Important is that you need to make sure you use the latest embed script which can be found in your domain settings. It will not work with the default / legacy embed script.

The new embed script looks like:

<script src=""></script>


Make sure you add all the services you use on your website via the Scripts tab. And select autoblock at step 2. 


1. Look up the services you're using on your site


2. Enable Autoblocking mode


3. Save your script under the right category


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