Load external scripts over CookieFirst (GDPR compliance)

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According to the GDPR your website should not activate any tracking scripts or Third party scripts before a user has given consent for the categories to which the scripts belong.
Cookie First offers 2 options to prevent scripts from loading.

The first option is to add your scripts to our software in the backend of the application, removing them from your website.

  • Open the site for which you want to add scripts. Click the tab Third party scripts. To add a script click the button on the right Add script a popup will open. Choose the provider of the script.

  • In the next screen you can add the scripts for the appropriate provider. Include the entire script with the <script> tags.
  • If you experience any issues or if scripts need to be placed in a specific order you can drag and drop them in place. Use the button on the right side.
    screenshot-2019-10-09-at-13162_82q82z.pngIn order to be compliant you would need to remove the scripts from your website unless you change the scripts on the website itself. You can use both methods at the same time.

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