Service-based consent

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The Service-based consent feature of CookieFirst allows for your users to select specific services they would like to give permission to for setting cookies or sending data to them. It offers more freedom of choice and a better informed consent which is a big part of GDPR compliance.


Important! If you are using Google Consent Mode please be aware that consent mode events are only sent if all services assigned to those categories are accepted.




Enabling Service-based consent by going to Consent and Cookie settings.

In the dropdown under Consent Policy select Service-based consent. Pay attention to the notice. As this feature requires you to add services to the "Scripts" section of your domain.



Add services you use on your website

Go to the Scripts page for your domain. Click the Add service button and look for the services used you your website.



In the next screen you are asked for the integration method. We offer currently 5 ways to integrate services and connect them to our banner. 

  1. Load with banner: this option is the easiest, just put the script code in the field, assign a category and Enable the service. 
  2. Edit current website script: this is for hardcoded scripts in your site. You can give the script a unique identifier which you need to put in the data attribute. You can use the pre-made code to replace the opening <script> tag of your current embed script. 
  3. Google Tagmanager: if using GTM you will create separate variables and triggers per service you load over them. The 3-step guide will explain how it works.
  4. Autoblock works currently not for iFrames. You can see the urls which will be blocked. For this to work you need to put the cookie banner embed code as high as possible in the <head> section of your website. 
  5. Custom Code: is an advanced feature for more control. Code examples are present when selecting this feature. 

Banner frontend changes

As you now would open your website and cookie banner you can see how these changes have affected your cookie banner. 

A new tab is present with "Services" title. Here you can accept or decline specific services to allow to set cookies.


Screenshot_2022-04-07_at_13.25.09.png Screenshot_2022-04-07_at_13.25.15.png

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