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As a client you can now invite other users to manage account settings for specific domains. If you have for example an external development partner that you would like to have access to the settings for your domain you can send a collaboration request. 

How to invite a collaborator to your domain?

Go to the domain settings you'd like to invite another user to. In the menu on the left click on "Collaborators". Click invite user and fill in the name and email address of the user(s) you'd like to invite and click Submit.

The user will receive an email in their inbox with an invitation to join your domain. If the user doesn't exist he/she will be asked to create an account on our platform.

In the collaborators menu there are 3 tabs:

Accepted: all the users that have permission to change site settings for this domain

Declined: All users that declined the invitation

Pending: All outstanding invites that have not yet been accepted or declined. The invite will be automatically removed after 7 days. Then you need to re-invite them again.

If the user that is invited logs in to their account they will see a notification in the "Shared domains" menu. Next the invited users clicks on Pending Invites and can accept or deny the invitation.

After accepting the user can go to the "Accepted invites" menu to open the settings for the specific domain.


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