How to change cookie descriptions?

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The Cookie First cookie database is very extensive and we our trying our best to keep it up to date. We classify cookies to the best of our knowledge but we understand that Privacy Officers, lawyers and other stakeholders might require you to add different descriptions of cookies or change its translations. 

IMPORTANT: This feature is only for users with paid plans.

We allow overriding cookies in a simple two step process. 

Step 1. Change your default description

Navigate to the Cookies tab in your website settings.

As we integrated auto translation of cookie descriptions first we would need to put in your default description for the cookie. You can write it in your native language, does not need to be English, although that would work great.

After saving the cookie it has been translated in all the languages we offer. 


Step 2. Modify the translations to your liking

Open the same cookie you have translated in step 1. then select Adjust translations and start changing the descriptions to your liking.



When you change the description again under Auto-translate, it will overwrite all the descriptions again with translated ones based on your input in the Auto-translate tab.


That's it, now you learned how to adjust cookie descriptions and their translations.

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