Installation: Shopify cookie banner

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How to install the CookieFirst banner on a Shopify website? Follow this guide. 


Are you a Shopify Merchant? You can now install our Shopify Embedded App through the app store. Click here to read more.




If you are using the Shopify GDPR settings under preferences please use the following guide to connect the banner to the Shopify API to manage tracking under the GDPR. See this article for a helper script.

Login to your Shopify website and go to Themes . Select Edit code.


Open the file called theme.liquid and look for a line that starts with <body In my example below this is called

<body class="template-{{ request.page_type | handle }}">


Directly below that line you need to copy your embed script you can find under your domain settings. Something like this:

<script src="" data-cookiefirst-key="<API Key>"></script>

Past the embed code Under the line that started with <body and hit save.


Reload your website, and the banner should be visible

It's currently not possible to add the banner on your checkout process. It's only supported to add scripts there if you're on the Shopify Plus plan.

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