Install: Add the cookie banner to your website or shop

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So you created an account on CookieFirst and now are ready to integrate the banner on your website, great!

In your account select the website under "Sites" -> "Settings" for which you like to implement the banner. Look for the button "Your embed script".
On this page there are 3 fields.

  1. The api key can be used if you use Wordpress, read more about that here.
  2. The second field is the Javascript snippet which adds the banner to your website if you're not using Wordpress. Place this snippet as the first script after the opening <head> tag on your website. 
  3. The third field can be copied and pasted on your privacy policy page. It will show the up to date version of your cookie policy.
  4. The last field has an embed which lets you only show the cookie table. This might be useful for when you have a great markup of your own cookie policy.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 13.49.33.png

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