How does the consent management platform work?

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CookieFirst - Consent Management Platform gives website visitors the possibility to manage which kind of data is being transferred to third parties like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook and other services that might be in use on a website. 

1. Scanning your website

When you sign up for our consent manager you will have to register the domain where you want to use our banner. The moment you add the domain in the back-end our cookie scanner will visit your website and tries to collect all the cookie information from it by visiting the pages of your website. 

If the scan is done you will receive an email report with all the cookies that have been found on your website. 

2. Blocking cookies / scripts

The next step is making sure that none of the third party scripts is able to send data if a user does not want to, i.e. not accepts a certain kind of category of cookies. 

The following articles show you how that can be achieved, there are 3 ways of doing this.

Change website's scripts to comply with the GDPR

Google Tag Manager cookie banner configuration Default

Google Tag Manager with Consent Mode

Load scripts over CookieFirst

Autoblock Feature

3. Put banner live and receive consents

At this point whenever someone visits your website and accepts a certain kind of category, the scripts assigned to the category will be executed on the website and probably sets cookies in your browser.

You might wonder what happens when you then decline the cookies or change the categories. If you for instance accepted 'Performance' which has Google Analytics tied to it and then reject the performance category few days later the Analytics cookies are still there. For this we released a helper script that allows you to remove cookies after revoking. This does only work for cookies that can be manipulated by javascript. In short that is how Cookie First works.

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