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To help you get started we will explain in this article how our platform works and give you links to relevant sections depending on your configuration needs.

CookieFirst - Consent Management Platform gives website visitors the possibility to manage which kind of data is being transferred to third parties like Google, Twitter, Facebook and other services that might be in use on a website. 

When you sign up for our consent manager you will have to register the domain where you want to use our banner. The moment you add the domain in the back-end our cookie scanner will visit your website and tries to collect all the cookie information from it by visiting the pages of your website. 

1. Add the banner to your website

There are several ways of adding the banner to your website. Either add the banner embed script directly in your website or use Google Tag Manager to add the banner to your website. Refer to the following articles depending on your choice.

Install: Add the cookie banner to your website or shop

Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode (make use of GTM template)

You can also just add the embed code to a GTM custom html tag to load the banner over GTM.


2. Wait for the cookie scan to finish

When adding a domain to the cookiefirst platform you need to make sure your website can be reached and it not password protected. If it is password protected please make sure to whitelist our IP addresses and request a re-scan of the website.

Why are there no cookies found on my website?


3. Connect scripts to the cookie banner categories

Based on the outcome of the scanner you should have an idea of what kind of cookies are being used on your website and also which services are responsible and need to be blocked before accepting the relevant cookie categories.

Now it depends on how these services are added to your website so you can choose the relevant way of connecting these to the banner categories.

For scripts that are added directly in to your website code please follow the article below.

Change website's scripts to comply with the GDPR

You can also load scripts over the CookieFirst platform by adding them to the scripts tab in the domain settings. 

Prevent (tracking) scripts from loading before consent is given (GDPR compliance)

For users that use Google Tag Manager it depends on whether you want to use Google Consent Mode or just use the events coming from our banner.

Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode

Google Tag Manager cookie banner configuration (Default)


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