Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) and Cookie Consent

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Visual website optimizer also known as VWO is a large company in A/B testing and website experience platform. VWO allows you to run experiments on your website to drive more conversions and engagement. 

VWO relies among others on cookies for running these experiments. Obviously you should only set these cookies for users that accepted functional cookies. If you're using CookieFirst we created a helper script that will opt-out users from the VWO cookies before consent and will activate them once accepted. Do not forget to wrap it in <script></script> tags.

   function handle_consent_event(e) {
  const consent = e.detail || { necessary: true };

  if (!consent || !consent.performance) {
    // If no consent or not performance then opt out
    window.VWO = window.VWO || [];
  } else {
    // Opt in user to VWO
    window.VWO = window.VWO || [];

window.addEventListener('cf_consent', handle_consent_event);
window.addEventListener('cf_consent_loaded', handle_consent_event);


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