Trusted Shops integration

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Trusted Shops is a platform for safe shopping. It provides not only buyer protection but also gives a guarantee for excellent service and offers for verified buyer reviews. The service by itself does rely on sending data between the user and the Trusted Shops platform. To manage the data sending between your site and the platform you should ask for consent from your website users. 


To use Trusted Shops with the enhanced privacy mode you need to ask the trusted shops team to enable this feature. Then you also need to provide a helper script to re-enable the data connection with Trusted Shops after someone accepts the cookies for Trusted Shops. For more information how to enable the enhanced privacy feature for Trusted Shops see the following url:


After Trusted Shops enabled your GDPR compliance setting, for which you need to email them. You need to make sure that the following script is being executed whenever someone accepts the connected category on the Cookie Banner.


Adding the script directly in your website code

Add the following script inside your website code to enable the all Trusted Shops features when someone accepts the functional category.

<!-- CookieFirst Trusted Shops -->
<script type="text/plain" data-cookiefirst-category="functional">
const currentScript = document.currentScript;

window.trustbadge = window.trustbadge
? {
consentSignallerScript: currentScript,
: {
consentSignallerScript: currentScript,

if (trustbadge && trustbadge.reevaluateConsent) {


Google Tag Manager

You can create an additional tag with the contents of the script above and execute it on all pages OR you can leave out the type=text/plain data-cookiefirst-category="functional" part and then make sure to only execute the script only on the cf_consent_functional event. 

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