¿Dónde se almacenan los datos de consentimiento?

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Hemos eliminado el uso de subprocesadores estadounidenses para el almacenamiento de los datos de consentimiento de sus visitantes. Sólo utilizamos subprocesadores estadounidenses para el servicio de asistencia y el envío de correos electrónicos. Estos correos electrónicos se envían desde servidores de la UE.


 Aquí está la lista de nuestros subprocesadores actuales.



Location of processing activities

Purposes of processing

OVH BV, The Netherlands

Germany / France

Providing API for saving consent data.
Providing hosting services for the Cookies First website and applications
Storage of CDN log data

Artia International S.R.L. (IP-API)


Used by our API to determine country and region enhancing consent data and provide additional banner configurations based on country/region.

BunnyWay d.o.o., Slovenia


Provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensuring global performance of the cookie banner.

Mailgun Technologies Inc., USA


Used by our system to send email notifications to customers. Used in registration processes, change password activities and marketing emails. No end user data is processed here.

Zendesk Inc, USA


Provider of support ticket system, No end user data is sent to this service. We only share your email and name when you send a support request. No end user data is processed here.


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