Conversion tracking and Google Tag Manager

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So great, you have implemented the Cookie First cookie banner on your website and set up the variables and triggers for the tags on your website according to this article:

Google Tag Manager cookie banner configuration

Now, you obviously want to track conversions on your website. There are several ways of doing this but in this article here I'll describe how to set it up basically. 

1. Setup Triggers

So in this example we are tracking on a Thank you page after someone submitted a form. Look up these thank your urls or parameters. 

In my example we're using 3 urls, it is a repetitive process so I'll only use one example here.

Set up a new Trigger in my case called Thank you EN

We have already set up other triggers in the tutorial on how to setup GTM. We're going to need those as well. 

For the trigger type of this new one we use Trigger Group.


Then under Triggers select the Opt-in Advertising to make sure this trigger needs the data layer value advertising = true. 

Then you want to let this trigger fire on the thank you page url we determined. Look at the image below howe did that. 


Ok great! Save the Trigger. 

Now this trigger will only fire when 1. Advertising cookies have been accepted. 2. On the thank you page url I added. 

In my case i copy this trigger few times more for different urls. 

2. Connect it to the Tag.

Click on Tags in the left menu. Open the Conversion tag or create a new tag. 

Under Triggering then select the trigger(s) you created. For me I had 3 thank you pages so i'm adding them one by one here. In the end it looks like this for me.


Save it, check it in the preview mode and you should see your tags being fired on the conversion tracking pages when Advertising is enabled.

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