How to enable iab TCF 2.2?

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Important information

This feature is only available in Plus plans. Also predefined design options are enabled, visit the custom styling tab to look and check them out.


We have implemented the latest version (2.2) of IAB TCF in our banner to synchronize consent to IAB Vendors. To enable the feature you will need to make changes to your embed code to allow for this feature to work. So enabling the feature please go to the "Embed script" page to grab your new embed codes.


1. Enable TCF for your website

Go to the domain settings of the domain where you want to enable the IAB TCF. Look for the section called TCF settings. 

Click the toggle to enable the feature and select the country where your website operates.

2. Select TCF vendors

You need to select the vendors that you want to share consent with, these vendors will receive the signals and are allowed to create advertising profiles of your visitors for advertising purposes.

You can easily select multiple or use the buttons to select all of them.

3. Optional: Enable Google Ad technology providers

If you do not want to enable these additional Ad technology providers you can skip this step. 

The Ad Tech Providers are advertising vendors that are not yet registered on the IAB Europe Global Vendor List (GVL) but still might be used or you might want to use them on your website. In this case you need to make sure to ask consent for these providers as well. 

Enable the this setting and select the vendors that you want to be using.


4. Optional for Adsense and Google Publisher tag

If your website is running advertising over the Google platform through either Google Adsense or Google Publisher Tag you need to make sure to connect your scripts to our cookie banner to make sure the consent is send to Google Advertising Products.

Read more in the following article on how to do this. Adsense and Google Publisher Tag

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