Cross domain consent, synchronise consents between websites

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Cookie First offers the ability to only consent once on multiple websites. This feature we called 'Bulkconsent' sometimes also referred to as cross domain consent it will allow you to group websites and share the given consent among them. 

To use this feature you will need at least 1 Plus subscription within a group. Bulk consent does not work for Free domains. 

Note: This relies on the use of a cookie set by an iFrame. Modern browsers might not be supporting this technique as part of their default privacy settings. 

  1. First make sure you have created all the domains you want to enable the Bulk consent for. Then move to the Domain Groups menu on the left and create your group by filling in the fields and adding the domains.
  2. Download the iframe html file. Place this on one of the websites within the group and put the direct path back in Cookie First. 
  3. After you have saved the group re-open this group and select the toggle Enable bulk consent for domains in group.

That's it. Bulk consent is enabled and consents will be synchronised, this feature will only work on browsers that support Third Party Cookies. 

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